Exploring a country in a campervan has adventure written all over it! 

Slovenia is so much more than driving on the main highways. Its one of the smallest, but most diverse countries in Europe (5 times smaller than Iceland). Travel just a short way and you’ll see the landscape change dramatically. From snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and valleys in the northwest, to flatland and geothermal activity in the northeast, virgin forests and medieval castles in the south and vineyards, olives and the cost in the southwest. Experience all the incredible features of mother nature, the hip vibrant towns and rich culinary variety in one destination with the freedom and flexibility of a campervan. 

Road trip Slovenia 

Start your journey in the Alpine region of Slovenia. Have a sneak peek from under the cosy comforter of the surrounding mountains. In the background you can hear the wind blowing, rustling of leaves, birds singing Comfy mornings in front of your campervan with your favourite hoody on and the fragrance of handpicked herbal tea, fresh seasonal fruit any why not try out something traditionally Slovene – honey and butter on the bread. Brekky with a view it is! 

Road trip slovenia 

The vast Alpine area offers a great deal of pristine nature. Mostnica river gorge, glacier valleys like Bohinj and Logar valley, icy cold Pericnik waterfall, hanging bridges, crystal clear Soca river and beautiful Bled Lake, are just some of the few interesting spots in Triglav National Park that call for amazing photo shots.  

Bled Lake has the postcard picture perfect setting. Medieval castle perched on the cliff guards the town and lake bellow. Take a traditional Pletna boat to itsstorybook islet, visit St. Marys church, nine centuries old, and ring the bell of wishes to have to your wish come true. Bled also offers numerous opportunities to be active: you can run around the lake, bike to nearby Bohinj Lake, do standup paddleboarding, go swimming or visit the nearby Vintgar gorge. 

Driving across Vrsic pass, one of the most picturesque mountain roads in Europe, youll be rewarded with breath taking views of Julian Alps. History nerds will get their dose for sure! From prehistory to medieval times, Slovenia covers it all! Dive into historical landmarks such as the 11th century Bled castle and medieval Radovljica town. Grazing cattle on high alpine pasture is still very much alive here. Give back to local community by having a taste of their daily fresh ricotta cheese, opt for locally sourced food for a picnic stop on an Alpine meadow and stop for a healthy meal at the local farm stay. And don’t you dare to say no to their delicious ice cream homemade from goat milk. You’ll shake off those calories when you do the extra hike to nearby belvedere with stunning vistas of Bled Lake! In the evening, you can have a chat with the locals in town and sip some nicely chilled local craft beer as the alpenglow lights up the surrounding peaks. Ahhh, it will feel gooood to be out & about again, catching up on those travel bug vibes and meeting new interesting folks! Of course youll hit it off instantly!  


Adrenaline seekers can do kayaking on Soca river before saluting farewell to the Alps and heading to the most beautiful wine region of Slovenia. Goriska Brda wine region is full of olive groves, fruit orchards, vineyards, wine cellars, medieval castles and more. Here, you will definitely feel the Italian vibe, as you get so close to the Italian border. So you might feel like changing your comfy clothes with something more chic, go with the flow and scout out the local wine cellars and enjoy the company of world-known local wine producers, who posses that unique blend of Italian and Slovenian temperament and culture that is so unique to this region.  

Rolling hills of Goriška Brda wine region border the Collio goriziano region of Italy. Local wine producers have been cultivating grapevines, alongside traditional fruit production that is so characteristic of the Brda wine region, for over 200 years. The moderate Mediterranean climate with the vicinity of Alpine peaks, providing just about the right amount of cool air and sufficient precipitation, is ideal for the production of dry wine. Their reds have a very strong colour, a pronounced extract, with harmonious flavour and bouquet and are a great companion to the local smoked meats like prosciutto. Their whites are known to be gentle, balanced, fresh and most age really well. Movia, Klinec, Simcic, Kabaj, Scurek, Kristancic, Jakoncic, Dolfo, are just some of the many local producers. Amongst all of Slovenias wine regions, Brda have the highest per-hectar yield of medals and recognitions at wine fairs and expos both at home as well as abroad. Movia and Kabaj have been listed among the Top 100 wineries of the world by the Wine & Spirits magazine more than once. 

Taste their whites, the reds and not skipping the orange! Because tomorrow you’ll get your wheels ready again and we suggest to explore the true wilderness, drive off the grid into the less known and visited parts of Slovenia where the local bear still gets most of visitors’ attraction. 

Road trip slovenia 

Wait, what? Did you mean beer or bear? Are you ready to learn some survival skills? No worries, no bear hunting! It’s not allowed and more so, not ethical and we’re strongly against it! At Notranjska regional park you’ll understand how once human and nature were interconnected! Here you can find refuge in unspoiled nature, listen to the sound of croaking frogs, see birds nesting or observe wild animalsfootprints. You can do that by bike, by boat, on a horseback, by hay cart or simply by walking. And thats how we think youll best feel the tranquillity of this area, so far away from the noise of the industrialised world. 

Notranjska nature park is far from the hustling and bustling cities and on 222 square kilometres offers peace and tranquillity that we so much crave for in our busy daily lives. Mountain peaks, natural bridges, intermittent lake, mystical underground world and pristine virgin green forests is what youll get an abundance off. Its home to many rare and endangered native species, such as the brown bear, wolf, lynx, ural owl, great bittern and long-horned beetle, to name just a few. This is where youll find true wilderness! 

road trip slovenia

Now, if you haven’t travelled by campervan before, you’re missing out. This is the right way to travel! Especially these days when that travel bug is knocking on our doors, but we need to keep in mind the trade off of traveling at any cost and traveling safe! Exploring Slovenia with like-minded travellers on a guided journey with a campervan, you can keep the social distance, stay safe and stay sane! And why would you join a guided tour to do this? Read more about the pros and cons of traveling with a campervan in a group. 

road trip slovenia