hiking Dolomiti Averau
Hiking toward Averau, the Dolomites.

Already at her young age, Stasa had the desire to travel and explore the unknown. During her high-school years she spent a year in Minnesota, USA, as an exchange student where she finessed her proficiency of English. One of the things she still remembers most is the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Although she holds a masters from PR and marketing, her love of traveling has continuously lead her back into the field of tourism, which she got familiar with working as a tour guide during her college years. Her love for outdoors came as naturally as her candour. Her lust to travel took her hiking in the mountains of Nepal, dancing salsa on streets of Santiago de Cuba, searching for Cuidad Perdida in Colombia and walking the steps of Mayan pyramids in Central America. Her love for her country lead her hiking in the Julian Alps, cycling the challenging hairpin turns of Vrsic pass, relaxing on the shores of dreamy Dalmatia and enjoying the sweet dolce vita of neighbouring Italy. Throughout the years she perfected many talents and developed many skills. Don't be surprised when she will tell you all about Slovenian history while she fixes your flat bicycle tire. Although she's seen much of the world and explored the hidden corners of her back yard and is fluent in six languages, there are still many bullet points on her bucket-list. She continues to explore beautiful destinations either in her free time or professionally as a tour guide. When not out in the field, she perfects every detail of future adventures at our "basecamp" in Ljubljana. Stasa lives life to the fullest by doing what she loves most, practising adventure travel!