Uroš Sever

uros sever

It was a long time ago, still a teenager Uroš decided that he wants to climb mountains. He aquired new boots, a map, a guidebook and went hitchhiking to the base of a mountain which he found in a guidebook, hoping the driver will know better which direction to take. Finding a mountain seemed more difficult than climbing it at the time. What was the motivation for this sudden decision which changed his life is still unknown to him. And it doesn't really matter. After ascending it he never really descended and still when we are calling him on the phone we first ask: »Are you in the mountains?« Most often he is. When he descends we have to look for him either on the bike or in a quiet corner where he is reading a book. At least reading a book is not a destructive addiction. Otherways he would be in serious troubles.
Since reading, cycling and mountaineering as such are not profitable activities moneywise he started writing about it for magazines and writing and producing TV shows. We could watch him as a host in a serial about crisscrossing Slovenia – on a mountain bike, of course. Out of it came a guidebook »Cycling Slovenia« which records his 2000 miles long bike journey through his tiny motherland. Where did he find all those miles?
There was another fateful decision he made without really knowing why: going cycling through Tibet. Again he first had to find Tibet on the map. And again he never really came back. Trekking, cycling, mountaineering in Himalayas became his way of life. When he started guiding for TrekTrek he made it into a job too. He is one of those lucky fellows who don't distinguish between their working and free time. After trekking with a few groups his favourite holidays would be to do some more trekking (as long as possible). Or bike packing. Or ski mountaineering. But never without a book or three. He would forget to bring a spare tyre but never his kindle.
If you are looking for a guy with huge experience (after all those years!), laid out attitude (lack of stressful life!), knowledgeable (with all those books digested!), food&wine freak (after all those burned calories!), you don't have to look further – well, just wherever he is at the moment.