Hiking Highlights of Slovenia

Tour details

  • Slovenia, an undiscovered gem and Europe’s best-kept secret with limitless hiking opportunities and friendly locals that amaze with their hospitality.
  • Slovenia Hiking Highlights one can find in the heart of the majestic Julian Alps in the Triglav National Park, which is rich with alpine meadows, grazing cattle, and century-old farms offering homemade shepherd’s cheese and other local delicacies.
  • Visiting the picture-perfect alpine Lake Bled, which is watched over by a medieval castle perched on the cliff above town. While visiting the lake’s tiny storybook islet and its 12th century church you can make your every wish come true by ringing the bell of wishes.
  • Enjoying the serene glacial waters of the Bohinj Lake, surrounded by lush green scenery and limestone peaks all around.
  • Exploring the charming village of Kranjska Gora.
  • Slovenia’s most scenic mountain road through Vršič pass, which offers breathtaking views of snow-topped mountain peaks.
  • The emerald-green Soča River, whose turquoise waters never fail to inspire awe.
  • The sunny vineyards of Goriška Brda, a region abounding with cherries, peaches, apricots, olives and world-renowned wines, similar to Tuscany but spiced with a dash of Mediterranean flair.
  • Comfortable nights in carefully chosen boutique hotels.
  • Safety and comfort come first, with our versatile and reliable local guides adapting to your pace and fitness level.
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Tour dates
  • From May to October.

Land only price
Please contact us!

Activity level

7 days / 6 nights

Holiday details
· 6 nights accommodation (breakfast included)
· 3 gourmet dinners
· 6 lunches (picnic or in a traditional restaurant)
· 1 wine tasting
· 6 days of hiking
· Guided

Single room

Trip extention
Day trip to Postojna or Skocjan caves and Piran on the Adriatic coast.


Day 1Arrival to Ljubljana
Day 2Lake Bled and Vintgar gorge hike
Day 3Lake Bohinj
Day 4Peričnik waterfall, Zelenci and Kranjska Gora
Day 5Vršič pass and Soča Valley
Day 6Krn Lake
Day 7Kobarid - Brda Wine country - Ljubljana

Detailed itinerary

DAY 1 Arrival to Ljubljana

Start your trip in a bustling and charming capital.

Start your trip in a bustling and charming capital.

Arrive to Ljubljana, the cosmopolitan capital of Slovenia (30-minute transfer from airport to the city center). Ljubljana has become one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, with trendy neighborhoods and vintage bicycles swooshing through the old city center, which is reminiscent of Prague. Ljubljana, the 2016 European Green Capital, is a city full of beauty and inspiration, an oasis of lush green parks, open-air libraries, winding cobblestone streets and countless bridges crossing the lazy waters of the Ljubljanica River. Explore the ancient stories of the city in Ljubljana’s 11th century castle and immerse yourself in this unique city. Meet your guide in the afternoon for a trip overview and welcome dinner.

Accommodation in Ljubljana.

DAY 2 Lake Bled and Vintgar gorge

Enchanting walk along the Vintgar gorge.

Enchanting walk along the Vintgar gorge.

Walk – easy to moderate, 3 hs, 3.6mi (5.4km), altitude gain 430 ft (130 m).

This morning we head towards Bled Vintgar gorge, first discovered by the locals in 1891. Stroll through this serene gorge on narrow pathways and bridges suspended above the crystal-clear waters of the Radovna River. Its rushing stream slows down occasionally to form little ponds, which are an ideal backdrop to your photographs. On the way back we follow the trails across alpine meadows and pause for a picnic lunch at a spot that lets us take in the views. Our next stop is Bled, one of Europe’s most scenic spots. Bled’s picture-perfect setting is centered around the lake, in the middle of which a 12th-century pilgrimage church rises proudly from a tiny storybook islet, guarded by the medieval castle perched high atop the cliffs. We spend the afternoon exploring Lake Bled and enjoying the spectacular views while strolling past Vila Bled, the former residence of Yugoslav president Tito. Our small boutique hotel is filled with antique furniture that reflects its 110-year-long history, but also offers a modern swimming pool and spa area where you can regain your strength.

Accommodation in Bled.

DAY 3 Lake Bohinj

Walk – easy to moderate, 2 hs, 3.1mi (6km), altitude gain 330ft (100m)

Old Slovenian tradition of making Gingerbread hearts.

Old Slovenian tradition of making Gingerbread hearts.

Slovenia prides itself on having some of the best bread: oven-fresh and filled with seeds, nuts or even dry fruit. It definitely adds to the charm of an already abundant breakfast. The foothills of the Julian Alps set the stage for our next hiking adventure. After a short drive to Bohinj Lake we’ll first explore the gorge of Mostnica River, which is a true natural wonder. The trail leads us close to the riverbank, where we can spot trout swimming in the crystal-clear currents. Later we take a leisurely walk around the lake on an easy accessible forest trail. Passing a number of secluded beaches we find the perfect spot to plunge into the refreshing waters of Bohinj Lake. If you’re hungry for some amazing shots of the lake from a bird’s perspective, you can optionally catch a gondola up to Vogel plateau in the late afternoon, which offers magnificent views all around – you’ll be able to see Bohinj Lake, the Julian Alps, the Pokljuka Plateau and Triglav National Park. The latter is known to the locals as the “Kingdom of the Goldenhorn,” the mythical home of Zlatorog (“Goldenhorn”), an ibex buck with golden horns who holds the keys to a golden treasure and lives in these mountains according to local legend.

In the evening we drive to the old town of Radovljica, where medieval houses spin the wheel of history as you stroll down the main street. Visit the Apicultural Museum to learn more about the tradition of bee-keeping, which was established in Slovenia in the 18th century by Anton Janša and is still practiced today. For dinner we enjoy traditional Slovenian cuisine, tasting hearty regional dishes that marry the tastes of alpine Slovenia with influences of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, resulting in dishes such as porcini mushroom soup, sauerkraut and turnip, baked potatoes, pork roast, cheese dumplings and much, much more. You’ll also learn about the 200-year-old tradition of making lect hearts – elaborately decorated honey-bread cookies that were once a cherished gift among lovers and remain one of the region’s most recognisable traditional products. This evening will offer a great opportunity to exchange cultural experiences and see how fondly local people still practice their traditional crafts.

Accommodation in Bled.

DAY 4 Peričnik waterfall, Zelenci springs and Kranjska Gora

Lake Jasna at Kranjska Gora

Lake Jasna at Kranjska Gora

Walk – easy, 2-3 hours, moderate, 5-6 hours, 4.5mi (7km), altitude change 500ft (150m)

This morning we make our way along one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys to start of our hike towards one of the best known waterfalls in Slovenia, the Peričnik waterfall. Its name derives from the verb “prati” which in Slovenian means to wash, or to beat the laundry, figuratively speaking, as the fall of the water from 52m (171ft) of altitude is so powerful. Our next stop is another beautuful water oasis, Zelenci springs. Zelenci springs is a nature reserve, the source of Sava Dolinka river, part of Sava, with 221km (137mi) being the longest Slovenian river and a tributary to the Danube.

After lunch we head towards the village of Kranjska Gora, a ski resort only 10 minutes’ drive from the Italian and Austrian border that hosts many World Cup Alpine Ski races. You can spend the afternoon relaxing at the hotel or go for an easy stroll to the nearby Jasna Lake, whose calm waters reflect the deep colours of the surrounding forest.

Accommodation in Kranjska Gora.

DAY 5 Vršič pass and Soča Valley

The emerald Soca river is considered to be one of the most beautiful and pure Alpine rivers.

The emerald Soca river is considered to be one of the most beautiful and pure Alpine rivers.

Walk – easy to moderate, 4-5 hours, 4.5mi (7.3km), altitude change 1500ft (460m)

This morning we make our way along one of the most scenic mountain routes to Vršič pass (5285ft/1611m), which was originally built by Russian soldiers for military purposes in the early 19th century. We follow an old trade route all the way to the top of the pass, where we stop for some tea and to enjoy the spectacular views. We continue our hike to Sleme where we have a picnic lunch, again surrounded by breathtaking views and also dozens of delicate Alpine flowers, such as the Triglav gentian and Turk’s cap lilies. After lunch we descend towards the Soča Valley. From the pass, a series of hairpin turns follow the stream of the untamed Soča River which gives the valley its name. Soča is one of the few unspoiled rivers in the entire European Alpine region and its tumultuous waters even provided the backdrop for some of the most climactic scenes in the second instalment of the Chronicles of Narnia movie series. The upper Soča Valley is surrounded by exquisite alpine scenery while the river’s rapids make it a popular playground for kayakers and white-water rafters. This is the westernmost part of Triglav National Park, where Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops fought at the Isonzo Front during World War I, setting the scene for Ernest Hemingway’s novel A Farewell to Arms. If you’d like to do more hiking today, you can do part of the so-called “Soča trail,” following the stream of the river (consult with our guide).

We finish the day in Bovec, the adventure capital of Slovenia.

Accommodation in Bovec.

DAY 6 Krn Lake

Today's hike will take you to picturesque views in the heart of Julian Alps.

Today’s hike will take you to picturesque views in the heart of Julian Alps.

Walk – easy to moderate, 5-6 hours, 4.2mi (6,8km), altitude gain 2460ft (750m)

Today we hike to Krn Lake (1394m), situated in the western part of the Julian Alps. We hike on a trail that was built in the time of the First World War and are rewarded for our efforts by the crystal-clear waters of the lake, views of imposing limestone peaks and the taste of rich local cheeses.

Take the afternoon to enjoy a glass of wine on the porch as the setting sun caresses your face. This evening you can opt for some fresh trout from the river, fresh bread and čompe (boiled potatoes with herbal curd).

If you’re a foodie you can take the opportunity to taste the gourmet creations of Ana Roš, whose appearance in Netflix’s Chef’s Table gained her well-deserved worldwide fame and placed Slovenian cuisine on the global culinary map. She also received the title of World’s Best Female Chef in 2017! Ana’s philosophy is to use seasonal homegrown and local food, prepared with great attention to detail and spiced with her strong character. While dinner is being prepared we taste some of the best wines that sommelier Valter, Ana’s husband, collects in his wine cellar. It is no surprise that their restaurant, Hiša Franko, was ranked among the top 50 restaurants of the World in 2018!

Accommodation in Bovec.

DAY 7 Kobarid – Brda Wine country – Ljubljana

Wine tasting of the indigenous Rebula grape in Brda Wine Country.

Wine tasting of the indigenous Rebula grape in Brda Wine Country.

This morning we embark on a guided tour of the Kobarid Museum, which tells the story of the First World War and vividly depicts the battles of the Isonzo Front that took place in this region. Leaving behind the mountain peaks that kept us company until now, we are now on our way to the picturesque vineyards and rolling hills of Goriška Brda. This hilly region borders the Collio Goriziano region of Italy and resembles Tuscany with a Mediterranean flair. It is justifiably famous for growing the finest fruit and wine in the country. We visit local wine producers to taste some of best world-renowned Slovenian wine, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Rebula, the indigenous grape dating back to the 13th century. Sit down to enjoy some mouth-watering farm-to-table food like home-cured prosciutto and other cold meats, a variety of local cheeses, wild asparagus, olives and home-made olive oil, cherry brandy and blackcurrant jam that you simply can’t say no to. Enjoy the company of your charming hosts, who possess that unique blend of Italian and Slovenian temperament and culture that is unique to the region.

We end the tour by returning to the capital city of Ljubljana, arriving just in time for one last aperitif and an evening stroll by the river. Onward flights should depart no earlier than 7:00 p.m.

Trip extension: Dalmatia Explorer.
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Trip impressions

After travelling more than 30 years internationally this trip is right up there! Thank you TrekTrek!
Hanna D., Queensland, Australia
When deciding to visit Slovenia for hiking and a diverse cultural experience our research suggested using a company that could meet our needs. We decided to use TrekTrek who managed our expectations with outstanding and very satisfying results.
I did not realize the extent of the concierge service we would get.
Andrew, Diana & Mia S., Washington, USA
The trip to Slovenia exceeded our expectations. Stasa planned an amazing itinerary - in a short week, we did an amazing hike in Triglav National Park, paddle boarded Lake Bled, wine tasted, rafted the Soca River, went canyoning, had a picnic/swam at a beautiful waterfall in Bovec to name just a FEW highlights. Stasa even took the kids out to pizza and gelato so the adults could have an amazing dining experience at Hisa Franko run by Anna Ros featured on Netflix Chef's Table. Stasa's knowledge and history of the area is remarkable, she was fun, her logistics were impeccable, and was very flexible. The van that carried our crew of 4 adults and three children throughout the trip was spacious,comfortable, and clean. If anyone is considering traveling in this area and in search of a guide, Stasa is a must! I could not imagine anyone delivering a more memorable experience for our families.
Being able to see areas and do things we would never have done if we hadn’t been with you. You made our trip very special!
Anne J. with her family, Chile
Thank you so much for all your hospitality we had such a wonderful time. Slovenia, which we enjoyed so much, is so beautiful and we definately plan to visit again.
We will come back to Slovenia.
Hilde K. with her family, Netherlands
We loved activities and the beautiful scenery. For a family, small hotels or b&b were a very nice option.
We had a wonderful trip last week.
Heather & Adam L., Florida, USA
Thank you for the all the detail and professionalism in planning - everything went seamlessly from the time we were picked up. We were impressed with the guides and hotel choices. The hotels were exactly our style. Thank you for helping us adjust the mountain huts - that was very much appreciated. We very much enjoyed seeing your beautiful country and hope to return some day. Thanks again!
Everything was well coordinated by TrekTrek.
Eloise K. and Mary S., North Carolina, USA
Scenery in Julian Alps was super. Roman was an excellent guide and companion.
Yes, I would definitely recommend this trip to my friends.
Susan S., California, USA
In fact, Jim and I would be happy to act as references for you if someone asks. We had a wonderful time.
We really enjoyed the opportunity to hike a little more slowly and enjoy the flowers and take pictures.
Jim S., California, USA
We very much enjoyed the hiking, the nature, the history and the scenery. We learned a lot about Slovenia, and saw many beautiful places. We enjoyed hearing about the history of the area, and also the opportunity to do some sightseeing. The last hotel where we stayed did a very nice wine tasting.
We truly enjoyed the trekking.
Hannah W. with a group of friends, Singapore
Both guides have been excellent guides who took great care of us. They ensured that our safety would come first and made changes to the route when necessary. They would also go beyond their call of duty to help us in our needs. They would try not to repeat the same meals so that we could try different variety of food. It has been a wonderful experience for us in Slovenia. We would definitely recommend your company to our friends should they want to trek in your country.
It was a wonderful hike.
Tan S. with a group of friends, Singapore
Well organized. Food and accommodation are both super. We ate and slept well. We enjoy buying authentic food stuff back home as souvenirs. The guides are both fun loving persons that make our trip so memorable. Please let them know that we will remember both of them for a long time.
It is above our expectation.
Ting S., Malaysia
We love the hiking experience in Julian Alp. The food, the stay, the trail and the guides. We are the only group occupying the mountain huts on most of the days. Thank you very much.
It was very enjoyable!
Eric G., Washington, USA
It was a very enjoyable, stress-free experience with a very knowledgeable guide. Roman was able to answer any question we asked him, and the views from the hikes were great. The food exceeded expectations by far.
It was a great trip!
Michael C. with a group of friends, New York, USA
Perfect. Loved it! I have already enthusiastically recommend this trip to friends.
Slovenia truly is one of the secret gems of the world. I have been recommending your country and company to all my friends.
Jonathan B., Miami, USA
Thank you for the fantastic hike you put together for me last month. Both of the guides were fantastic. The hikes were challenginging, the scenery beautiful and the people super. Thank you again!
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the very personalized service we received every step of the way.
Stacy G. & David T., Arizona, USA
We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with TrekTrek. As independent travellers and experienced hikers, we prefer self guided hiking. TrekTrek spent a lot of time talking with us about what kind of trek we wanted to do in terms of days on the trek, as well as average distances and gain/loss each day. Based on our input they put together a proposed itinerary which we then reviewed and revised to our liking. We received tracks for the trek in advance and also had an in person pre trek briefing which was extremely thorough and included very well marked maps of our route. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the very personalized service we received every step of the way. We highly recommend this company whether you want to hike alone or have a guided experience. We would not hesitate to use TrekTrek again.
It was a most memorable trip
Carla B., Nashua, USA
It was a most memorable trip, and we would never have found the little out of the way places to stay had we done this on our own. Plus it was super comforting to know that we had a lifeline in case things didn't go well. Fortunately things went very well and the folks we met on the trail we all so very friendly. I would consider moving to your country in a heart beat, considering how crazy it is hear. We hope to be back in the future.



  • 6 bed & breakfast accommodations,
  • 6 launches (picnic or in a traditional restaurant),
  • 3 gourmet dinners,
  • 1 wine tasting,
  • private transport according to itinerary: 1 van when 8 pax,
  • entrance fees and activities: Vintgar gorge, Mostnica gorge, Museum of WWI in Kobarid, Apiculture museum.
  • English speaking guide,
  • VAT.


  • Lunch on day 1
  • All drinks
  • Single room supplement


  • guaranteed departure with a minimum of 2 guests,
  • price pp dbl occ – varies depending on the size of the group – please contact us for more information.

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