There are two things we love above all: a good adventure, preferably the kind that gets your blood pumping and fills you with awe of the natural world, and the simple pleasures of good things done well – that perfect cup of coffee, the hammock that hugs you just so, the ease of knowing that you’re in the hands of experts. Luckily, we know that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. On the contrary, a day spent exploring makes returning to a comfortable homebase all the more special, while a dash of health hedonism recharges you for your next challenge.

That is why, with over 20 years of experience in adventure tourism and hospitality under our belts, we created Cabino Resort as the perfect launchpad for your adventures in the heart of Soča Valley, our favorite part of Slovenia. Five thoughtfully designed cabins provide high-end comfort paired with a cozy clean aesthetic bathed in natural light. It’s hard to imagine a better way to conclude a day of rafting the brisk rapids of the Soča River or hiking the stunning Juliana trail than relaxing on your terrace, with sweeping views of snow-kissed Alpine peaks, before slipping between crisp Egyptian-cotton sheets for a restful night.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to pack a picnic and go dip your feet in the river’s crystal-clear waters, just a five-minute walk away? No problem – our neighbors will help make sure you’re never short on homemade bread, honey and cheese. You can also leave your dinner in the hands of one of the world’s most renowned chefs, Ana Roš – her Michelin-starred Hiša Franko is only a short drive away. Either way, you’ll greet the next morning rested and refreshed, ready to pour yourself a cup of our barista coffee and continue exploring one of the most thrilling corners of Europe.

And what will your next adventure be? Cabino Resort is located minutes away from Triglav National Park, which offers endless opportunities for hiking, cycling and mountain biking, and a short drive from the ski resorts. The nearby town of Bovec is the adventure capital of Slovenia, and for good reason. Do you want to fully experience the emerald waters of Soča on a raft or kayak, or go canyoning into the depths of Fratarica Canyon? Would you like to tackle the local climbing spots or embrace the skies on a zipline or a tandem paraglide?

Whatever your adventurous heart desires, local world-class providers can make it happen – just ask us for advice if you’re not sure where to start! The area is also fascinating for history buffs, as it was the site of some of the most famous battles of the First World War, inspiring Hemingway to write A Farewell to Arms.

At Cabino Resort we’ve created the place we’ve always yearned for on our own travels – one that feels like finally coming home, that lets a weary explorer rest up and recharge surrounded by comfort and beauty. Because tomorrow, a new adventure begins!


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