Road trip Slovenia

Tour details

  • Come and join us on this epic 7 day fully guided road trip around Slovenia.
  • Be in charge of your adventure driving a campervan (perfect for 2) on scenic Slovenian backroads with a group of same minded travelers.
  • Two Alpine ranges: Julian Alps + Kamnik Savinja Alps.
  • Explore Lake Bled and do stand up paddle safari on Lake Bohinj.
  • Visit remote mountain communities and dig into hearty local food.
  • Sample some top quality wine at Brda Wine Country bordering Italy.
  • Navigate between meals served at local farm-to-table restaurants, mountain lodges and young Michelin celebrities. Slovenia’s got it all!
  • Go underground to fabulous UNESCO’s Skocjan caves.
  • Do white-water rafting in the valley of emerald Soca river, Europe’s best kept natural secret.
  • Go deep in the Europe’s largest virgin forest in the SE of Slovenia.
  • Hike to the hidden waterfalls and visit some awesome photo viewpoints.
  • Paddle your way through the canyon of turqouise Kolpa river.
  • Visit Ljubljana, the hip capital of Slovenia, with vibrant bar and dining scene.
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Tour dates
  • From May to October

Land only price
Please contact us!

Activity level

7 days / 6 nights

Group size
8 - 16 people

Holiday details
· Campervan rental with basic insurance (perfect for 2 people)
· Camping/campervan overnight fees
· Great breakfast meals
· Activities: stand up paddling, white-water rafting, canoeing
· Guided

Single driver/sleeper in the campervan


Day 1Ljubljana – Logar valley – Zgornje Jezersko
Day 2Zgornje Jezersko – Radovljica – Lake Bled – Lake Bohinj
Day 3Lake Bohinj – Kranjska Gora – Vrsic pass – Soca river valley
Day 4Soca river valley – Bovec – Kobarid – Brda Wine Country (Smartno)
Day 5Brda Wine Country – Skocjan caves – Rakov Skocjan natural park – Sneznik virgin forest
Day 6Sneznik virgin forest – Kolpa river canyon
Day 7Kolpa river canyon – Ljubljana

Trip impressions


Find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions in our video and in the text bellow.


What is the daily routine on this tour?

Our days are unique due to the fact that every morning we wake up with a different view and enjoy breakfast in nature, on an Alpine meadow, on the Soca river bank or under oak trees in the deep green virgin forest. We adventure the country already as we drive, then explore the nature sights on foot or with a raft, bike or kayak … In the evenings we sit down by the bonfire, sing songs, chat, have a gin & tonic or check out the local vibe in town.


How much hiking do we do? What about other activities?

Every day we do some sort of activity that gives us the best experience of the micro area where we’re traveling at that moment. It’s a couple of hours on average daily and whether it is hiking in the Alps, white-water rafting on Soca river, kayaking on the Kolpa river canyon or stand up paddling on Bohinj Lake, we’ll actively explore Slovenia. Having the freedom of traveling with a campervan, we’ll seize the opportunities to get the best sunrise and sunset photos. All our activities are adjusted to your fitness lever and to different levels within the whole group as well. And if you want to have some time off, to just relax in nature or do something else, you can opt for that as well of course.


How much driving do we do daily?

Some days we do a bit more, some less, but on average a couple of hours daily. That is about 150 km of driving on various terrain while adventuring different landscapes. We will travel together as a group, driving with caution, on scenic back roads. Making stops along the way to meet the local folks and to seize amazing foto ops. Slovenia is a safe country to drive in.


What kind of a campervan am I driving?

You’ll be driving a compact size campervan, with manual transmission, ideal for two (a couple or 2 friends, parent-child). It has AC, surround system with AUX/USB/Bluetooth connections, cruise control, park sensors, hill-start assist, tinted glass on back windows, comfortable 200*140 cm bed, interior 12 V lighting, loads of storage option, a small practical kitchen and some Prosecco already chilling in the fridge – we made sure that is ready for you, before you even sign up.


Do I need to bring any camping equipment?

All you need to bring is a duffel bag with clothes and your personal items. Everything else will be provided by our guide, even a power inverter 12v-240v so you can charge your phones/cameras when not driving. Also, the moment when you sign up for the trip, we will send you a complete list of everything that is included in your campervan and what extras do we suggest for you to bring (eg. headlamp etc).


How about car insurance?

Our guide on the trip will provide 24h assistance to you on the spot, so you are completely hassle free if it comes down to any malfunction. Campervans that you’ll be driving on this trip all have the basic insurance included already (driver and passenger, third party liability) and two drivers. For that, our partner will deduct 800 eur per campervan (400 eur per person) of a deposit (excess) on your credit card at the start of the trip, when we pick up the campervans. That is also the maximum amount of money that is deducted if the campervan that you’re driving gets damaged or stolen whilst in your care.

You of course also have the option to choose additional insurance directly with our partners. Pay additional 9,90 eur/day/campervan and you will also have windows and tire damage covered and you will split the excess value to 400 eur/campervan. Or opt for the maximum insurance, paying additional 19,90 eur/day/campervan and you get all above mention insurance, plus 0 excess.


What documents do I need to drive the car?

  • Driving license allowing you to drive a category B vehicle (car, campervan, motorhome).
  • If your driving license was issued in one of the EU countries, you can drive with that license anywhere within the EU (you don’t need an additional international driving license). While driving in a foreign EU country (like Slovenia), make sure that you’re driving license is valid till the end of your trip. You cannot drive in a foreign EU country with a provisional driving license. Since 2012 all driving licenses issued in EU are standardised – plastic card as big as a credit card with your photo on it and security features. If you’re still holding an older version of your driving license (and is still valid), you are ok to use that until your validity expires or the latest till 2033 when all EU countries will be obliged to change any old driving licenses.
  • If your driving license was issued in a country that is not part of EU, then you need to bring your national driving license, and additionally an international driving license issued in your country of residence to be able to drive the campervan on Slovenia road trip.


What if I am a solo traveller? Can I still join the tour?

Yes, you are definitely welcomed to join our road trip. What better way to explore a country with like-minded folks and form new friendships or even something more. However, our campervans are ideal for 2 people (a couple or 2 friends), therefore, the price of road trip is set on 2 people per campervan and we don’t pair up solo travellers to share 1 campervan (unless you specifically ask for it and are ok with it). Therefore you would need to pay an additional fee of 270 eur, being a single driver/sleeper in the campervan.


Where and how do we sleep? What about showers and personal hygiene?

Each day we park our campervans at a carefully pre-selected location. Whether it is by the river bank, offering a perfect sunset, near the mountains in the Alpine valleys or in the deep virgin forest. Wherever we park, there will be restrooms and hot showers available for you to maintain your personal hygiene. On rare occasions however, we will do a bit of a Robinson Crusoe style of overnight for the sake of that incredible experience and adventure that you’ll be part of (and our guide will still provide all the basics for you to maintain your personal hygiene).


Do I need to cook my own meals?

Our Slovenia road trip includes all breakfasts. In the evenings, you will have plenty of opportunities to fully experience the local cuisine, dining at family run homesteads, mountain huts or local restaurants. On some occasions however, we’ll set up a bonfire and we’ll do whatever it is that you’re craving for. In the end, some of the best friendships happen when you set up the picnic table together or help cleaning up, leaving no finger print behind you in nature, keeping our planet green.


What is the breakfast like?

Our guide will get your breakfast ready every morning so you can sleep an extra half an hour and enjoy a morning sneak peek from underneath your comforter. Breakfast is an important meal of the day and we love to give back to the local community. So as we drive around Slovenia, we’ll taste different homemade fruit juices, fresh local cheeses, hand-picked herbal tea, freshly grained specialty coffee, crunchy granola with local yoghurt, eggs with avocado, fresh seasonal fruit, prosciutto and local sausage, and much more.


I am a vegetarian, vegan, gluten/lactose free etc?

On our road trips we offer a diverse and locally unique culinary experience, so you will really get to know the region that you’re visiting well. If you do have any allergies or dietary preferences, please let us know of your needs when you book the tour and we’ll make sure that your requests are met.


Do I need to bring any elegant clothes?

During our trip we will check out some new hip bars and restaurants and mingle with the locals in town. So it’s not necessary for you to bring elegant clothes, however some chic items of your wardrobe will definitely come handy.


What kind of weather can I expect?

Our road trip Slovenia runs from early May till late September, which is also the best time to visit Slovenia to be able to be active and enjoy the warm temperatures. During May, early June and September, mornings can be fresh, around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, so we recommend bringing a warm layer. Max temperatures during spring and fall months are around 20, and in the summer they can reach 33 degrees Celsius. We’ll actively explore Slovenia, so we recommend a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and a swim suit. A rain jacket is a must, so you’re always prepared. We won’t go in depth here of what all to bring, because the moment when you sign up for the trip, we will send you a suggestion of a complete packing list of what we suggest for you to bring (eg. what wardrobe,  shoes, personal items, extras etc).


How far ahead do I need to book?

To join our Slovenia road trip, we don’t need to check hotel availability. However, we do have a limited number of campervans, so we do suggest to book 12 to 6 months in advance if possible. Of course you can also try to book last minute, but we cannot guarantee you’ll get a spot available, since our road trips are the hot stuff right now.


Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my spot?

Yes, to secure your seat in the campervan of Slovenia road trip, a deposit is required at the time of booking and it is non-refundable. Deposit is 30% of the total cost of the road trip, without extras. The balance of your trip cost is due according to the terms of our Booking and cancellation policy. We strongly recommend to you to buy a travel insurance in the country of residence to avoid financial damage.


Why would I prefer to travel around Slovenia with a group driving a campervan and not a regular group tour traveling in a small bus, sleeping in hotels?

  • No other way of travelling will give you as much freedom and a chance to sleep just a stone’s throw away from the perfect scenic spot near an Alpine river or deep in the virgin green forests.
  • You will feel more connected with nature while comfortably sleeping, cooking and socialising in a campervan with a group of same minded travellers. You’re adventuring and glamping with wheels!
  • Unpack once! No shuffling around with your luggage.
  • It’s a SAFE and RESPONSIBLE way of traveling, especially in these Covid-19 times.
  • And don’t forget to make a couple of playlist to listen to your favourite tunes while driving or chilling by the river and sipping a glass of wine!
  • If you’re on the edge, call us or send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


I’m hooked! How can I book my Slovenia road trip with you?

Great! Definitely something that you won’t regret. To join our road trip of a lifetime, book here or send us and e-mail. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



  • 7 day campervan rental with basic insurance (perfect for 2 people),
  • 6 overnights at campsites with tourist taxes,
  • great breakfast meals,
  • wine tasting in Brda Wine Country,
  • fuel, parking and road fees,
  • activities: stand up paddling, white-water rafting, canoeing,
  • entrance fees according to the program,
  • English speaking guide,
  • VAT.

Not included:

  • Drinks, lunch and dinner meals,
  • single driver/sleeper in the campervan (additional fee 270 EUR).

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