Guided road trip journeys are something NEW and LIKE NO OTHER trip so far! They add this special note, where you are part of the adventure and also dont have to fuss with any of the logistical stuff, but simply sit back and enjoy. These days keeping the social distance and staying safe is the new normal and thats why traveling with a campervan, especially when in a group, is ideal. If this sounds like something you might want to try – bingo! Youre on the right spot! Keep on reading to find out how you can turn your road trip around Slovenia into a journey of a lifetime.




In our previous blog, we’ve already given you lots of info on what to see and do in Slovenia when traveling with a campervan. Now, no doubt, that you can do all of that by yourself. Rent a car and go. But why reinvent the wheel, if you can do it with a travel agency that specialises in this field. Yes, it will cost you a bit more money, but you will save so much of your valuable time and nerves if something goes wrong. Here’s the beauty of doing a fully guided road trip around Slovenia with us: 


WE do all the time consuming stuff – plan the journey, check out all the roads and trails, call that fun guide, organise superb meals and amazing outdoor activities, supply top of the line campervan and arrange hot showers. If something goes wrong with the car during the road trip, we take care of it. You can just sit back and relax. No need to set up tents, look for an available (and legal) spot to park and bunk down for the night. Our guide makes breakfast every morning and knows the best spots where we can stop for a picnic style lunch. No need to fuss with massive grocery shopping and setting up meals. Instead you can go for a swim and well do all the chopping, cooking and washing of dishes. But if you want to join in, youre more than welcome of course. In the end, some of the best friendships happen when you set up the picnic table together or help cleaning up, leaving no finger print behind you in nature, keeping our planet green.




TOGETHER we drive the campervans slowly on local roads with little traffic. Not sure if youre fit enough for tomorrows hike, or a bit on the edge about tomorrows drive? Our guide will help you fill all the gaps in your questions. On our road trips, youll have the opportunity to drive on spectacular mountain roads, like Jezersko or Vrsic mountain pass. Vrsic mountain pass, at 1611 m, offers spectacular views of the surrounding Julian Alps. To reach the top, one must drive on one of the most scenic mountain roads in Europe, built during WWI by Russian prisoners of war, along with the Russian chapel (built in 1916) which today stands as a memorial to all Russian solders that fell there. Many passionate local cyclists like to do this climb of 57 switchbacks (1000 m of elevation gain/loss) as part of their training for Tour de France or the Spanish La Vuelta, for example. Once you reach the top you can hike to Sleme peak. The beginning of the trail is quite steep, but it eases off eventually and becomes very gradual till the very last bit again, approaching the summit. Driving out & back will take you about 3 hours. You can reach Vrsic pass driving out either from Bovec, the adrenaline capital of Soca river valley, or from Kranjska Gora, a charming little village, a ski resort, only a 10-minute drive from the Italian and Austrian border that hosts many World Cup Alpine Ski races. Its 30 min drive in either direction. Together we will veer off the grid and dive into true wilderness. We travel together. Its our guide, you and same minded travellers. Out & about in pristine nature it is! 


YOU independently drive the campervan, actively explore the great outdoors, take amazing shots and wake up to a new spectacular view every morning. Youre totally present all the time, simply enjoying your vacation! 


Now, of course there are also some CONS to this beautiful story: 

  • planning your vacation is fun and in a way part of the adventure as is. But no worries, we have more than one Road trip available for you to choose from, and also during the road trip, there will be free time, when you can plan your own mini inside tour bucket listand take ownership of organising that; 
  • you will be traveling in a group, so you wont be able to sleep in every morning, but we will make sure that on some days, you will be able to have a slow start; 
  • we will all drive together, one behind the other, so you wont be getting lost all the time and laughing at your missed turns; but youll still be in charge of your car and what playlist youll be listening to while driving; 
  • you will be surrounded with a group of people. But hey, they are like-minded travellers, so thats good. And if youll still need a moment of alone time, no worries – the nature is vast and our guide knows the best hidden spots where you can have plenty of opportunities for your personal meditation.  




But the THE PROS are definitely stronger and these are merely a few: 

  • you dont have to worry about making your itinerary perfect; 
  • you dont have to google what the driving restrictions are in the country youre visiting, what the road tolls are, do you need any special driving permissions etc.;
  • you dont need to go on a quest to figure out what rental company has the best possible campervan options to rent and worry about how to handle insurance;
  • you dont have to get your hands dirty on the spot if something breaks down;
  • you dont have to look for spots to park and have a safe overnight;
  • you dont have to worry about hot showers to keep up with your personal hygiene;
  • is there enough coffee and milk left for tomorrow mornings breakfast? No worries, weve got you covered also with that! And more! 




So again, imagine (day dreaming is allowed even during the pandemic) that outdoorsy feeling, satisfaction at the end of an activities packed day, as you drive down a gravel path to then pull over into that perfect scenic spot. Hands on you make your own bonfire while state of the art hamburgers are being made for you! Some gintonic with freshly picked juniper and chill-out vibes sounds just about perfect, right? And it is, so dont fail yourself neglecting your IG story, cause THIS WILL skyrocket your likes. Await the sparkling sunset with chill-out vibes before bunking down comfortably for the night. Fun, adventure, simplicity and the spirit of travelling. 


This may sound super corny and surreal, but no, its totally true and definitely a must haveexperience of a lifetime! Thats how we believe is the best way of exploring a country and no doubt youll love it as well! Let the good times with (new) friends begin! 

CU inside our tour and well wake you up when its all over 🙂 


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