Anže Prinčič


Anže is our latest and youngest recruit of the team but don’t be fooled by his young appeal as he has certainly had his portion of experience and knowledge in the field of tourism and organization. As a young boy he joined the scouts where he found his passion for adventure and outdoor and learned a great deal about self-reliance as well as team work. Still now he remains a scout at heart and you can often find him building camps and teaching survival skills to his younger pupils. His life principal is learning by doing.

Traveling is in his blood and his hunger for the new and unknown is growing bigger and bigger with every trip he makes. If it’s not wandering through the Georgian Caucasus, trekking in Himalayas or tasting delicacies on an Iranian local market, he is testing his limits and endurance on Slovenian ground. Like a mountain goat, his natural habitat is the quiet and challenging environment of the Slovenian mountains. There is no preference which season suits best as he is both a winter explorer as a summer hiker.

As a student in Slovenian tourism development, he is eager to develop innovative ideas about tourism in his region. He is always expanding his knowledge by accepting new challenges which makes him both a hardworking and an organized asset to our team.

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