Mountain bike scenic viewsThere are many good reasons why cycling is a great way of spending vacations in Slovenia and Croatia. We prepared some of the most important reasons, for which we, as local experts with over 22 years of experience as a tour operator,  believe will give you the final push you need to pack your panniers.

While enjoying your comfortable adventure cycling in Slovenia and Croatia you will be amazed by the scenic landscape on your tour. While cycling and discovering the valley of emerald Soča river, biking in the vineyards of Goriška Brda, experience coastal town of Piran, the canyon of Kolpa river, cycling in small picturesque villages, the scenic views will motivate you to explore every part of countries hidden gem. That won’t be hard since traveling by bike gives you great options to connect with locals and meet new people. Meet new friends and join locals for a glass of red wine on your cycling trip to the hidden south of Slovenia.

Same as hiking, cycling is a great way of exercise and is good for your health. Not only that while enjoying cycling adventure you are active every day, the time you spend outside in the fresh air will do you good. It’s great to be back in nature. We did our best by organizing tracks on the best cycling trails in Slovenia and Croatia that are as of the beaten track as possible and away from noisy streets.

Enjoy the ride on the electric bikeRiding a bike is fun! Moreover, discovering new destinations on the bike gives you opportunities to be free and flexible. The daily distance can be tailored to personal preferences. That means you can still sleep in, have the best specialty coffee at Tri Marije Specialty Coffee and have a blast on your daily cycling stage. Cycling, at somewhere between 10mph and 20mph, is the perfect speed for enjoying the surroundings. There is a sense of really getting somewhere but still being able to properly immerse yourself in the views, landscape, and culture.

Cycling is also very ecological. When cycling, you don’t burn CO2 simply because you are using pedal power, not petrol or diesel. Therefore, cycling trips will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

On every comfortable adventure, regarding traveling style, you bring back home stories from the trip. For some of them, we know you will never forget since stories that happen on cycling vacation are the best to tell to your friends and family. You might tell everyone about the time you were cycling through the highlights of Slovenia along the vineyards of Goriška Brda. It might be the story of cycling and discovering medieval hilltops towns in the blue and green Istrian peninsula in Croatia. It might even be the story of cycling through the canyon of the Kolpa river, the secluded pearl of the southeast part of Slovenia, or how you successfully replaced the tire while seating next to marveled Soča river. Disconnect and enjoy. When you travel by bike, you can get away from daily routines. There’s no stressing about public transport, city congestion or loud environments. On the trail, you disconnect from work, relax and focus on what’s happening at the moment. And why not disconnect fully? Say goodbye to social media and hello to your bike, nature, and new comfortable adventures. When you choose this mode of travel, you’ll discover the benefits of truly getting away from your everyday grind. At the end of the trip, you will be proud of yourself while looking on the map and seeing the route and kilometers you did.


Those were 10 reasons why Croatia and Slovenia should be next on your cycling bucket list! Are you wondering where you would stay during your cycling adventure in Slovenia? In the best hotels for your comfortable adventure of course.

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